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Wicker Chair Lounge Armchair Brown Wood

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Wicker Chair Lounge Armchair Brown Wood

This gorgeously crafted Armchair is a luxuriously casual piece for a variety of interior design styles. Our Wicker Armchair is crafted from the highest quality wood and wicker materials—creating a durable and timeless piece that is certain to please for many generations to come. The frame of the armchair is crafted from high quality wood and finished in a warm brown color. The base of the chair features semicircular supports with a notched stretcher—supporting the gracefully curved seat of the chair and slender arms. The chair's seat features subtle scrolled details at the head and bottom. The seat of the chair itself features a sumptuous wicker detail and a lazy, laidback silhouette that both contribute to the casual comfort of our Wicker Armchair.

The Martelle International team loves this meticulously crafted piece as a casual addition to a variety of living rooms, dens, or even enclosed patios. We see ourselves sitting in this comfortable chair after a long day—enjoying a glass of wine or reading the newspaper. The high quality materials and construction of the chair make it a timeless heirloom piece, while its casual silhouette make it a comforting and practical piece for any home. Our luxury furniture and home decor, including our Wicker Armchair, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 25.00 x 32.00 x 37.00

  • Free Shipping in the continental United States. Please contact for additional pricing for International Orders.  The Martelle International family lives by the old saying, "Buy the Best, Cry Once". We let this principle govern our lives beyond our business—to our choices in friends, food, clothing, and entertainment.  Here at Martelle International, we believe that our best lives are lived when Quality is valued over Quantity.  If you invest wisely in your choices, you will be contented with them for a lifetime.
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