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Tissue Box Cover Aquamarine Crystal Rhinestone

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Tissue Box Cover Aquamarine Crystal Rhinestone

A 17" wide oblong shaped center bowl, Hand cast in ceramic with a striking silver plated body and accents. Featuring 100's of individually hand applied turquoise and champagne colored rhinestones. The attractive colors and combination create a very pretty affect on this hand crafted functional decor item. Our Tissue Box Cover features the highest quality materials and a timeless design that is certain to please for many years to come. The detailed look of this Tissue Box Cover, including its hundreds of crystal Rhinestones, create a glamorous statement in a variety of living spaces. The silver colored metal along with the champagne and aquamarine colored crystal rhinestones create a cool, almost aquatic feel. The large size and classic shape of the cover will fit your favorite brand of facial tissues. 

Consider this piece as an addition to a young lady's room, a glamorous powder room, or a guest bathroom. Your guests and family will certainly appreciate your attention to detail with this luxurious accessory. Hide an unsightly tissue box underneath to disallow obtrusion and tie your space together. This glittering tissue box cover would look great near a lamp on a small side table—allowing the light to play with the glittering rhinestones and surrounding your space in an ethereal glow. This piece would look great in both contemporary and classic spaces; allow its timeless ornate design to contrast with minimalist decor, or, contribute to an already elaborately designed space to create a room that both you and your guests will love. Our luxury furniture and home decor, including our Tissue Box Cover, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 9.75 x 6.50 x 4.00

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