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  • Throw Pillows Set of 2 Moroccan Wedding

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    Throw Pillows Set of 2 Moroccan Wedding

    This gorgeously crafted set of 2 Throw Pillows is a glamorous and exotic addition to a contemporary home. These pillows are upholstered in Cotton and Canvas fabrics in the traditional off-white color—featuring details reminiscent of a Moroccan Wedding Blanket. This stylish look is certainly trending.

    The Set of 2 Pillows feature diagonal fringe details as well as golden zig-zag details crafted from sequins. A close-up photo is included above to show the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship of the pillows' details. The back of the pillow is left smooth to prevent bulk. The Martelle International team believes that this Throw Pillow Set is a great addition to add a bit of trendy flair to your living space. This unique set is fashioned after the traditional Moroccan Wedding Blanket, but its exotic feel gives an updated look in the home. Its touch of textured fringe adds a bit of drama to the look. Consider these throw pillows as an addition to your couch or sofa, or as a fun way to give your Master Bed an updated look. With our Set of 2 Moroccan Wedding Throw Pillows, the possibilities are truly endless. Our luxury furniture and home decor ship free within the continental United States.

    Dimensions: 18" W x 18" D

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