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Sundial Coffee Table with Glass Top

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Sundial Coffee Table with Glass Top

This uniquely designed and crafted Coffee Table is a wonderful statement piece for a contemporary or modern space! Consider our Sundial Coffee Table as an addition to your living room, sitting room, or commercial space. Its round base is crafted from high quality wood in a light natural finish. The lightness of the coffee table gives it a comforting and welcoming feel. The wooden base features a sundial-like design—with vertical supports that encircle the base.  The circular tabletop of the Sundial Coffee Table is crafted from high quality glass—perfect for better enjoying the stylish design of the table's base.

Not only is this a great piece for the home, but our Sundial Coffee Table also serves as a stylish addition to commercial spaces. Its modern, yet slightly rustic, design is a great piece for an industrial style bar, brewery, club, or boutique hotel. It is certainly a statement piece that will attract attention and allure. The circular shape of the Sundial Coffee Table, as well as its 36" diameter, makes it a versatile piece that can be easily arranged with a variety of furniture pieces and styles in your space. Our luxury furniture, including our Sundial Coffee Table, ships free within the continental United States!

Dimensions: 15.5" H x 36" Dia.

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