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Silver Pineapple Sculpture in Nickel

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Silver Pineapple Sculpture in Nickel

This artistic and modern Decorative Pineapple piece is a great addition to a home or office space. Our Pineapple Sculpture is crafted from high quality Nickel metal and glass materials which contribute to its modern appeal. The Nickel metal of the Pineapple is finished with a polished "chrome" look—making this Pineapple a sleek statement piece for your space. The Pineapple features an interesting texture upon its body—simulating the unique texture of pineapple leaves.  The top of the pineapple sculpture, also crafted from metal, exhibits the same tufted look as a real pineapple stem. This artistic interpretation of a pineapple stands at 8" tall—making it an unobtrusive yet statement-making piece for many spaces.

Historically, the pineapple has served as a symbol of Home, Welcome, and Hospitality. This Pineapple Sculpture doesn't only make a design "statement"—it also acts as a statement of welcome to your guests and family members in your home. Its warm and inviting symbolism makes this sculpture great for placing on top of an accent table in your front entryway, accenting your kitchen island workspace, or as a fun and unique mantel accent piece. The possibilities are truly endless with this Pineapple Sculpture! Our luxury furniture and home decor, including our Silver Pineapple Sculpture, ships free within the continental United States! Some assembly required.

Dimensions: 8" H x 4" Dia.

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