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  • Peacock Wall Panels Set of 3 Chinoiserie

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    Peacock Wall Panels Set of 3 Chinoiserie

    Martelle International special pricing.  Only a very few sets left. Get them before they are gone. Set of three hand-painted wall panels with peacock motif, each panel measures 20″ w. x 48″  h.  Consider this decorative piece for a place in your living room—behind a couch or Sideboard cabinet. Our luxury furniture ships free within the continental United States.

    Dimensions: 20″ w. x 48″  h. (each)

    Free Shipping in the continental United States. Please contact for additional pricing for International Orders.  The Martelle International family lives by the old saying, "Buy the Best, Cry Once". We let this principle govern our lives beyond our business—to our choices in friends, food, clothing, and entertainment.  Here at Martelle International, we believe that our best lives are lived when Quality is valued over Quantity.  If you invest wisely in your choices, you will be contented with them for a lifetime.