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  • Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella Solara

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    Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella Solara

    Martelle International presents the very popular Bridgeton Moore Solara Double Chaise with Umbrella, a large oval chaise 92" wide x 72" deep X 100" tall when umbrella is used. The chaise offers many functional features that owners like. 1) The back is divided into dueling adjustable back rests, so whether you prefer just a big comfy chaise that you and several others can just pile on, or prefer the a cozy yet individual comfort the dueling adjustable back rests offer both. 2) The Solara Chaise offers duel table or drink tray options that simply slide in on both sides or can be removed just as easy. 3) A tilting telescopic retractable umbrella is included and simply slides into a built in permanently attached holder, so the option to use or not is as easy as the trays the umbrella just slides in or out. The Umbrella quality is amongst the best in the market and utilizes only top quality Sunbrella Brand umbrella grade, matching beige linen fabric. The popular tilting, telescopic and fully retractable features, allow you a full range of sun seeking relaxing or shielding positions with its simple to use hand cranking feature. The base combines a hand woven wicker design over a fully welded 100% cast aluminum internal structure that will never rust and No Assembly is Required. The weaving material is a durable all weather natural looking synthetic polyethylene. The big provided chaise cushion utilizes a special quick drying foam and is fully covered in a beautiful Beige Linen Sunbrella Brand fabric, considered amongst the best fabric for long lasting outdoor use in the industry. The beautiful beige linen fabric used is the same as on any of the Fiesta Collections as well as other Bridgeton Moore items and will pair nicely with many dining and other seating collections enabling you to expand and create your entire outdoor area. Bridgeton Moore has established high quality brand standards and offers one of the best warranties in the Industry, 3 years on all frames and finish under normal conditions, fabrics are all Sunbrella grade and come with a manufacturers supplied two years against any manufacturing defects and or fading from date of purchase. Note * All products used outdoors require reasonable care and that level of care depends on varying external conditions. Covers are recommended for year round outdoor exposure and especially for all coastal applications. Extended exposure in coastal areas can cause corrosion and while this product is used in many coastal applications, they are voided from warranty. Simple hosing down or rinsing off salt exposure if/any will protect and extend the beautiful finish. The fabrics can be easily cleaned in a variety of ways and Sunbrella fabrics are so colorfast they can withstand even the use of bleach.

    Dimensions: 92.00 x 72.00 x 100.00

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