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  • Outdoor Bench Gothic Garden Stone & Wood

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    Outdoor Bench Gothic Garden Stone & Wood

    Our Outdoor Bench is gorgeously crafted by our artisans from high quality materials that are certain to please for many years to come. This versatile piece is great for a variety of outdoor entertaining spaces such as a pool area, garden, or outdoor living space. Consider adding this Gothic Bench to your space for your next party for a dash of classic ambiance and extra seating. The bench seat and back of our Gothic bench is crafted from high quality wood—assembled into a solid seat below and a slatted back behind—resembling a quaint country bench swing. This charming design contrasts nicely with the arms/side supports of the bench, which provide a bold statement. The sides of the bench have a stone appearance that give a delightful classic vibe. Each support features a mythological Winged Cat, which contributes to the stately appearance of the bench. At the bottom of the support, there is a paw design that is incredibly prevalent in classic, antique furniture. Above, the head of a large cat such as a lion, jaguar, or panther is perched menacingly as if it is ready to pounce. The sides of the supports feature wing details which contribute to the mythological feel. Each support is topped with an architectural design.

    The Martelle International team loves the way this bench can be used in a variety of outdoor living spaces. Not only is this a great piece for the home—it is also a great piece for commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants, or boutique hotels. We can't wait to see how you make this unique Gothic Bench your own! Our luxury furniture, home decor, and outdoor items, such as our Gothic Bench, ship free within the continental United States of America.

    Dimensions: 86.00 x 31.50 x 40.50

    • Free Shipping in the continental United States. Please contact for additional pricing for International Orders.  The Martelle International family lives by the old saying, "Buy the Best, Cry Once". We let this principle govern our lives beyond our business—to our choices in friends, food, clothing, and entertainment.  Here at Martelle International, we believe that our best lives are lived when Quality is valued over Quantity.  If you invest wisely in your choices, you will be contented with them for a lifetime.
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