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Motorcycle Bar Cabinet Wine Rack Bike

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Motorcycle Bar Cabinet Wine Rack Bike

This handcrafted and outstandingly clever Motorcycle Bar Cabinet is the perfect piece for the right person or space! This novelty piece is handmade in small batches, and can only be found here at Martelle International, where our furniture is crafted by creative and skilled artisans. This bar cabinet features the body of a two-wheeler motorbike on its left and right sides—its left side led by the bike's front wheel, headlight, and handlebars, and its right side adorned with the bike's back tire. The center of the cabinet features a wine rack with a lower shelf for storage. Another shelf rests above the back tire of the 'bike', perfect for storing shallow items or extra glasses. The top of the cabinet features a rectangular shaped tabletop crafted from high quality wood. This long and spacious top is perfect for preparing and serving drinks and cocktails.

The Martelle International team loves the novelty and uniqueness of this piece—which is perfect for a 'man cave' space, a biker themed bar, or even in a tricked out garage! This multi-functional item serves as a decorative piece, a serving table, and a storage cabinet all in one! We love the way this statement piece creates an entertaining and exciting sight in any space. Our luxury furniture, home decor, and novelty furniture, including our Motorcycle Bar Cabinet, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 84.00 x 17.00 x 40.00

  • Free Shipping in the continental United States. Please contact for additional pricing for International Orders.  The Martelle International family lives by the old saying, "Buy the Best, Cry Once". We let this principle govern our lives beyond our business—to our choices in friends, food, clothing, and entertainment.  Here at Martelle International, we believe that our best lives are lived when Quality is valued over Quantity.  If you invest wisely in your choices, you will be contented with them for a lifetime.
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