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  • Modern Etagere Bookshelf Antique Wood

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    Modern Etagere Bookshelf Antique Wood

    This spacious Bookshelf provides storage space and style all in one!  Crafted from high quality antique reclaimed Pine wood, this fascinating piece is finished in a warm cream white color with a distressed look. This Modern Etagere features an open concept shelving system with a very unique use of space. The shelves of the Bookcase are all different shapes and sizes; its versatility will accommodate a variety of objects, shapes, and sizes. This geometrical shelves contribute to the Modern uniqueness of this Etagere. There are a total of 8 shelves for storing items such as books, decorative curios, small candles (unlit), decorative tureens or jars, or small speakers.  Make this piece your own; or use the guide photos above.

    This whimsical piece is a fun way to store and display items without overpowering the rest of your room. Its open, airy feel allows you to continue the wall behind the shelf. Better yet, this versatile Bookcase does not need to be 'backed' against a wall at all! Use it as a small and tall room divider, or as a centerpiece for a room to display statement accessories. Consider this Bookcase as an addition to your modern or industrial rustic style space. Our luxury furniture ships free within the continental United States.

    Dimensions: 31"w x 14"d x 91"h 

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