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  • Industrial Pendent Light Bronze Brass Marine Grade Shade Glass Japan Dome Ships Lamp Steampunk

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    Industrial Pendent Light Bronze Brass Marine Grade Shade Glass Dome Ships Lamp Steampunk 


    A cast bronze marine Industrial ceiling pendant lamp originating from Osaka Japan made by Kokosha who are a manufacturer of fixtures and fittings for hazardous areas within the marine industry.

    These fixtures have been expertly restored with a highly polished finish, new electrics and a brass shade which makes for an ideal industrial feature for contemporary interiors.

    All of the fixtures available are in the same condition as pictured with the original 'Marine UL Listed' labels intact and fully legible.

    The main body of the lamp is cast bronze, the cage and shade are brass with a large tempered glass dome which seal against the case by means of a rubber gasket.

    This light fixture can also be used as outdoor lighting.


    Width: 28cm

    Height: 30cm

    Weight; 4kg.

    Lamp holder: E26 120v for USA or E27 220v.

    Origin: Japan

    Kokosha (Designer)


    Height: 11.82 in. (30 cm)

    Diameter: 11.03 in. (28 cm)

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