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Glass Vase Black & Red Venetian Handmade

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Glass Vase Black & Red Venetian Handmade

The craftsmanship of this Amethyst & Black Venetian Glass Vase is the epitome of attention to detail and handcrafted care of a time since passed. The vase is crafted by skilled artisans in Murano, Italy—featuring hand-blown Amethyst and black Venetian glass. The cylindrical shaped vase features a daring berry color with a dark background and a unique stone-like texture that is reminiscent of glittering gems found in caves in the depths of the Earth. The outer texture of the vase appears to wrap across and up the cylinder—almost "engulfing" the contents of the vase.

At 12 inches in height, this is a great vase for tall flowers with character.  The daring berry red pink shade of the Amethyst Venetian glass is a nice complement to a variety of blooms.  Consider contrasting the vase with bold golden-toned flowers; or, use this vase to draw from an existing color in a large bouquet.  The possibilities are endless! The rough texture of the vase is certain to contrast with the soft, delicate flowers—creating a statement for your home. We also love the way the vase brings even more color to an already-colorful bouquet; this delightfully bold Amethyst and Black vase is a unique choice for a spirited owner. Consider including this piece in your front entryway, living room, or dining room decor. Our luxury furniture and decor ship free within the continental United States.

Dimensions: 9″ x 12″  h.

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