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Glass Platter for Cheese with Serving Knives

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Glass Platter for Cheese with Serving Knives

This clever set is a wonderful addition to a cheese lover's kitchen or bar! This set includes a glass serving platter for cutting and displaying fine cheeses, as well as two serving knives and a cheese spreader. Each cheese tool features a wooden handle for an extra touch of class. Consider gifting this set to a cheese-lover who appreciates the finer things in life.

The cheeseboard included in this set is crafted from high quality and easy-to-clean glass in a clear finish and rectangular shape—giving a unique look to the cheese display. The glass board is supported by four small polished nickel metal feet. A knife stand is supported by the board on its left side—containing a small rack for storing and displaying the three cheese serving tools included in this set.

The Martelle International team believes this set would look great in a kitchen during a casual get-together upon a granite countertop. Allow your guests to feel almost as if they're enjoying fine hors d-oeuvres directly from your countertop—the clear glass allowing your party guests to see directly to the countertop below. This cheeseboard may also be placed upon a bar cart for easy entertaining and accessibility during a larger party. The possibilities are truly endless with this versatile piece! Our luxury furniture and home decor, including this Glass Cheeseboard Set, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 13" W x 8" D x 8.5" H

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