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  • Gargoyle Statue Fiberstone Gothic Garden Figure

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    Gargoyle Statue Fiberstone Gothic Garden Figure

    This frightening yet charming Gargoyle Sculpture is a great classic addition to your outdoor living space. Place this statement-worthy figurine in a pool area, garden, or outdoor entertaining space to create an atmosphere that hints at Gothic Classicism. Crafted by our artisans from fine and durable Fiberstone, this Gargoyle is safe to keep outdoors, but light enough to not become burdensome or dangerous. Our Gargoyle sits upon a semi-spherical base with a rock-like texture. He is crouched with all four of his hands and feet spread across the rock. His knees protrude from behind his stretched arms; both his arms and legs bare "sharp" horns—giving him a beastly and grim appearance. The gargoyle's face has two pointed ears, a frown with large "sharp" teeth that stick out from his lips, and menacing eyes. Behind the gargoyle are two large wings that extend beyond his body and above his head.

    Not only is this piece a whimsical piece for everyday home use, our Gargoyle Statue can also serve as a high-end Halloween decoration. The Martelle International team loves the idea of using this piece as a centerpiece to your next exclusive Halloween Party or Fall Festival event. The Gargoyle's creepy demeanor is certain to charm your guests and give them a little spook. Our luxury furniture, home decor, and novelty items, such as our Gargoyle Statue, ship free within the continental United States of America.

    Dimensions: 18.00 x 10.25 x 29.00

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