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Dog Figurine Sculpture in Carved Wood

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Dog Figurine Sculpture in Carved Wood 

Consider this charming Dog Figurine as a gift for your favorite Dog-Lover! Or, use in your own home as a tribute to your beloved Goldie Dog. This whimsical Figurine is crafted from high quality carved wood and hand-painted in light natural colors to give it the appearance of a Golden Retriever dog.  The highly detailed decorative piece includes leg and foot details, a tail, snout, and ear details. The face of the figurine features hand-painted nose, eye, and eyebrow accents.

The Martelle International team loves the way the artisan used 'distressing' to give the figurine texture as well as shadow. Notice the distressed marks on the legs, body, and chest of the dog figurine, and how these marks give the effect of ruffled fur. We also love the way this figurine is given a whimsical, charming effect from its 'imperfections'. The distressed fur has a ruffled look, and the tail of the dog stands at high alert—making this figurine appear playful and vibrant. Adorn a child's bookshelf, a console table, or a mantel with this heartwarming decorative piece. We cannot wait to see how you make this versatile decorative item your own! Our luxury furniture and home accessories, including our Wooden Dog Figurine, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 24" W x 5" D x 16" H

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