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Coffee Table with Casters Industrial Modern

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Coffee Table with Casters Industrial Modern

This unique table is a wonderful statement piece for the modern or contemporary home! Our Caster Coffee Table is meticulously designed and crafted to please for generations to come. The frame of the coffee table is crafted from high quality wood in a natural warm finish. This rustic feeling wood is complemented by the table's metal accents. The legs of the table are crafted from sturdy and durable iron metal in a brushed nickel finish—fashioned into caster wheels for an interesting "industrial gear" effect.  The corners of the table also have additional metal accents. The rectangular tabletop of the coffee table is crafted from transparent glass—a perfect modern update that also allows your guests to better appreciate the table's unique base.

Not only would this Caster Coffee Table look excellent in a living room or sitting room, but this piece is also great for commercial applications! Consider this piece for a business waiting area or office; its unique charm is perfect for showcasing your company's modern vision. Place beverages, magazines, and decorative pieces upon the rectangular tabletop to make guests feel welcome. This casual table is the ultimate welcoming piece. Our luxury furniture ships free within the continental United States.

Dimensions: 55" W x 32" D x 16" H

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