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Chadwick Armchair Linen and Wood Wingback

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Chadwick Armchair Linen and Wood Wingback

The Martelle International team cannot keep their eyes off of this gorgeously designed and crafted Armchair! Having elements of both Traditional and Modern design, this contemporary piece is versatile in a large variety of spaces and is certain to charm guests in just about any situation. Our Armchair is crafted from high quality materials by our talented craftspeople. Its exterior sides feature a unique wooden panel design that is reminiscent of modern driftwood. It has an aged look to it that keeps the chair in keeping with both rustic and modern design. The interior of the chair, including its seat, arms, back, and lumbar pillow, is upholstered in a fine linen fabric in a neutral shade. The fabric has a slight texture to it that reminds the Martelle International team of a soft and luscious burlap—further contributing to the traditional rustic appeal of the chair with a modern twist.

Our Chadwick Armchair is finished with a luxurious nailhead trim design that extends along the lines of the chair. This detail ties the piece together and gives our armchair a 'finished' appearance—like it has been in the family for many generations. Our luxury furniture and home decor, including our Chadwick Wingback Armchair, ship free within the continental United States of America.

Dimensions: 30.00 x 35.00 x 42.00

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