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  • Ceramic Sphere Set of 30 Chinoiserie

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    Ceramic Sphere Set of 30 Chinoiserie

    This classic and unique set of 30 Asian-inspired decorative Ceramic Spheres is the epitome of Chinoiserie! Each sphere is made from gorgeous porcelain ceramic and features intricate floral patterns.   The designs are painted in the traditional blue and white China colors—reminiscent of a time in which treasures from Asia were coveted by the fine estates of France and England. Each small sphere has a 4 inch diameter; however, with 30 of these classic spheres, you can make a huge statement in your home.

    We enjoy this Sphere Set at the Martelle International offices and like to 'switch it up' as often as we can! Consider placing these spheres inside an indoor planter to add a touch of blue among green leaves. These spheres make a lovely decorative addition to an open-shelf bookcase or cabinet, or as an addition to a vase full of wine corks! The Martelle International staff has a bit of fun by hiding these spheres as a exciting surprise for our co-workers; this set is truly entertaining and versatile. The possibilities are endless! Show your unique style, and find ways of your own to decorate your space with our Chinoiserie Ceramic Sphere Set. We would love to see how you make this set your own. Our luxury furniture and decor ship free within the continental United States.

    Dimensions: 4"dia each 

    • Free Shipping in the continental United States. Please contact for additional pricing for International Orders.  The Martelle International family lives by the old saying, "Buy the Best, Cry Once". We let this principle govern our lives beyond our business—to our choices in friends, food, clothing, and entertainment.  Here at Martelle International, we believe that our best lives are lived when Quality is valued over Quantity.  If you invest wisely in your choices, you will be contented with them for a lifetime.
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