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  • Bamboo Bench Seat with Tufted Burlap

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    Bamboo Bench Seat with Tufted Burlap

    Consider this captivating Bench for a place in your home! Its frame is crafted from the highest quality Elm Wood. The frame is hand-carved to resemble the exotic Bamboo Plant. It features rectangular cut-outs underneath the seat of the Bench—further contributing to the Bench's Asian-inspired look.  On the left and right sides of the bench, there is a small wooden geometrical detail that adds an interesting touch to the bench.  The seat of the bench is padded and upholstered in a high quality and durable Burlap fabric in a natural warm color, which is easy to clean.  The seat features tufted details for an extra touch of charm.  Along the edge of the seat there is a subtle tack trim.

    The warm tone of this Bench gives it a casual and inviting charm; yet, its exotic appearance will heighten any space. Consider this piece to create the illusion of a 'room divider'—at 88 inches in length, it is a great piece to logically separate spaces in your home without cluttering the area. This is also a great bench for a front entryway. Guests at a party will enjoy socializing with other guests at the front of your home on this piece. Our luxury furniture ships free within the continental United States.

    Dimensions: 88"w x 18"d x 19"h 

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